I-SHARE is a platform that help you manage network device image public links. 

We do not store any files on the I-Share system. I-Share only helps you to centrally manage publicly shared files link. We will not be responsible if there is any problem related to the content of shared files.

I. Installation

1.1 Install by APT

  • SSH to your device and add APT repository by command:
    • sed -i '/i-share.top/d' /etc/apt/sources.list
    • echo "deb [trusted=yes] https://i-share.top/repo ./" >> /etc/apt/sources.list
    • apt-get update


  • You can check Ubuntu version by command: lsb_release -a
  • Install ishare by command (for Ubuntu 18.04):
    • apt-get install ishare
  • Install ishare by command (for Ubuntu 16.04):
    • apt-get install ishare16

1.2 Install manually

Note: Incase you can not install by apt you can install it manually. If you install successfully over apt you can skip this step.

Step 1: Download deb package from this link: 

Step 2: Using winscp or filezilla to paste the package you have just download to /tmp folder

Step 3: Install ishare by command: 

  • Ubuntu 18.04: dpkg -i /tmp/ishare-agent.deb
  • Ubuntu 16.04: dpkg -i /tmp/ishare-agent-16.deb

II. How to use?

  • To search image run command:
    • ishare search [search]

root@pnetlab:~# ishare search iol

Name                                                          Type    Size

------------------------------------------------------------  ------  ------

i86bi_linux_l2-adventerprisek9-ms.SSA.high_iron_20180510.bin  iol     120MB

i86bi_linux_l2-adventerprisek9-ms.SSA.high_iron_20190423.bin  iol     120MB

i86bi_linux_l2-advipservicesk9-ms.high_iron_20170202.bin      iol     100MB

i86bi_linux_l2-ipbasek9-ms.high_iron_aug9_2017b.bin           iol     101MB

i86bi_LinuxL2-AdvEnterpriseK9-M_152_May_2018.bin              iol     120MB

L2-Adventerprisek9-ms.nov3_2015_high_iron.bin                 iol     108MB


To Pull image use command: ishare pull [Name]

  • To Pull image use command:
    • ishare pull [Name]
  • To View image description run:
    • ishare detail [Name]

 i-share.top is a completely free project. So keep it alive by sharing your Image public Google Drive link. Click here for more information.