Step 1: Register an I-Share account at:

Step 2: Upload your image to Google Drive then Share it as Public. Note: ishare only works with Public Link of File not Folder Link

  • With IOL, Dynamips, Docker you can upload directly image file.
  • With Qemu you have 2 options:
    • Zip all Qemu folder to a zip file then upload. (You also add .yml file to this folder. System will find .yml file and paste to template folder)
    • If has only one .qcow2 you can upload directly .qcow2 file. In this case system will take Image Name to set as Qemu Folder Name.
    • From ishare 1.0.9 ishare allows you to merge folder. For example, you can create 2 images with name vtmgmt-20.3.1/hdb and vtmgmt-20.3.1/hda  ,when you pull vtmgmt-20.3.1/hda and vtmgmt-20.3.1/hdb all files will be saved in vtmgmt-20.3.1 folder

Step 3: Login to by the account that you registerd. 

  • Click on Add button and fill to the form. Click on Save to share your Link.
  • Have 3 states of image:
    • Published: Allows user to find images with Search command and download
    • Private: Hide images from search commands result, but can still be downloaded
    • Disabled: Does not allow users to download



  • I-Share does not store any images. So if you remove file on your google drive or set it as private file, the link on I-Share will not available.
  • I-Share only help you manage Public links. So we are not responsible for any problem about content of file